Monday, January 04, 2010

The Spell (1977)

Quick Synopsis: Poor Rita has a problem. The school keeps trying to get her to complete the Presidential Physical Fitness program and Dad is openly questioning whether she needs that "second helping" at the breakfast table. See, Rita is a fat girl and no one is happy about it. In fact, it's practically all anyone talks about throughout this entire movie. That is, of course, when she isn't trying to kill them with her mind.

A made for television homage (or rip-off, if you prefer) to Brian DePalma's Carrie from the year prior, The Spell begins much like its predecessor aside from Rita's problem being more glandular and less menstrual confusion though it veers wildly off course in the third act to a twist that wasn't exactly unexpected (Her overprotective mother is actually the queen witch or some shit like that). Credit where it is due, there is a fairly awesome spontaneous combustion death in all its 1970's TV effects glory. And a very young Helen Hunt cuts her teeth as the younger sister just a few years before her own TV movie glory in one of those "The girl wants to be on the sports team!!!" affairs.


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