Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Mutilator (1985)

Quick Synopsis: Son accidentally kills his mother and is hunted with his friends by his psychotic father seeking retribution years later.

I bet Ed Jr. wishes he had just gotten his dear old Dad a tie for his birthday like everybody else. But no, instead he decided he would clean Big Ed's rifles for him and ended up plugging Mom in the back (not to mention getting blood all over the cake). Big Ed then goes on a decade-long bender until his son is college-aged and therefore old enough to face the consequences. To be fair, Dad really should be held at least partially to blame for storing a loaded rifle in an unlocked cabinet, but I digress...

So Big Ed tells his son to come to his beach house and lock it up for the winter and he brings along his girl and their friends for a long weekend. Upon arriving, we are treated to some rampant foreshadowing including a car that has trouble starting, a discussion about there being little police presence during the off-season and Big Ed's battleaxe not hanging on the wall like it usually is (and yes, its as ridiculous looking as it sounds). Ed Jr. also regales his buddies with stories of his dad's big game hunting adventures and someone finds a framed picture of the corpse of a man that Big Ed "accidentally" ran over with his boat. That's right, he framed it. Nothing weird about that.

Of course, we get into pretty standard slasher movie fare from this point on. The kids split up and some will go looking for others and girls will suddenly be deathly afraid even though they haven't seen anything bad yet, the virgin survives, etc. We get some of the worst death acting I think I've ever seen (the boat motor kill) and a giant fishhook in a very uncomfortable place. And I don't really know why, but I thought it was hilarious that Big Ed wore Nikes...but again, I digress.

A forgotten slasher that provides some inventive kill scenes and little else. Good enough for me.


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