Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jennifer's Body (2009)

So, I went to high school with Diablo Cody. We had mutual friends which is how I now know this fact as one of them relayed this information recently. Upon hearing her real name, my response was something along the lines of "that wallflower goth chick?" (which appears to still be half-right). Now, I share this not out of some misplaced sense of a brush with celebrity, but rather because it provides me the unique opportunity to state explicitly that nobody in our high school talked like that. Nobody anywhere talks like that. Of course, by 'that' I mean Cody's blend of lazy pop culture references coupled with wholly unoriginal slang culled from a thousand unrelated sources. This is not to suggest that movies cannot create their own alternate realities, and as an extension, modes of communication. Heathers (1989) is a perfect example of a teenage set world where the language used is original, irreverent and cutting. What Cody does vastly pales in comparison...and makes me want to punch kittens. I like kittens.

Anyway, I made it almost 35 minutes before shutting Jennifer's Body off.

Note to self: You do not need to see every horror-related film.

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