Sunday, January 10, 2010

Young Warriors (1983)

(For the record, nothing even remotely close to what is featured in this poster actually happens in the film.)

Quick Synopsis: Fairly standard revenge film following a group of frat boys turned vigilantes looking for justice for the death of their friend and one of their sisters at the hands of some toughs.

The future was so bright for Kevin. He had homoerotic hijinx with his fraternal brothers, a dog that wore sunglasses and Ernest Borgnine for a father. But then some standard issue bikers, except this time they all ride around in a bitchin' black van, turn his world upside down. While not as wholly enjoyable or quotable as similar fare like Savage Streets (1984), this one is pretty awesome. The last half of the movie alternates between poorly choreographed fight sequences/shootings (the aforementioned dog even gets into the action) and some truly meaningless philosophical discussions on how violence begets violence that always end with Kevin breaking something (because then people will take you seriously). Of course, much like the Death Wish series, these guys suddenly find street crime on every corner that must be dealt with and routinely lose focus on the hoods that led them to their vigilantism in the first place. But then, you can probably guess how this one ends.

Also of note:

-Richard Roundtree (Shaft) is the lead detective following the case alongside Borgnine. Now that's a dynamic duo.

-Kevin is apparently some kind of computer animation major so we are treated to several of his "Atari art" works that act as the window into his quickly deteriorating psyche.

-Apparently, a good number of two-bit criminals in Malibu in the early 80's routinely carried grenades around with them.

-There are seriously a dozen shots whose sole purpose is to show the dog wearing sunglasses.


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