Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bad Biology (2008)

Finally, a romantic comedy that I can get behind. Well, kind of. Romance isn't exactly the point for anyone involved here, but it will have to do and quite frankly, I find practically anything starring Renee Zellweger much more disconcerting than what we have here.

Jennifer has seven clitorises (yes, I had to look it up.) from birth which have caused her more than her share of problems over the years. Since scaring off the one man she may have loved, Jennifer has taken a more relaxed stance on her abnormality...and by that I mean she just wants to fuck which comes with its own set of additional problems as she has a penchant for accidentally killing her suitors in the throes of passion and sometimes giving birth to freak babies within hours due to her hypermetabolism associated with all those love buttons.

And then there is Batz, whose member came off with the umbilical cord and while reattached, never worked. After a series of self-administered growth hormones shot directly into his penis, Batz was able to stand at attention with the added side effect of it becoming quite monstrous (and having a mind of its own?). The penis really is grotesque. It kind of looks like if someone mixed all the Play-doh colors together and then decided to roll them up into a big, veiny mess. Not the kind of thing you would ever want to get called into a Parent-Teacher conference for, god forbid, you actually kept one of your freak babies.

Truth be told, though, I kind of wanted the romance and this is where my problem with Bad Biology lies. We do get inklings from both Batz and Jennifer that they would like the normalized, white picket lifestyle and while I don't know if it had to go that far, the conclusion to this story is unsatisfying. Jennifer gets it in her head that God itself wants to fuck her while Batz must learn to cope with the fact that junkies will leave you for a fix in a heartbeat. When they do finally all come together, it's all about the dick.

Where's the love?

Nevertheless, it is quite funny in the way only Henenlotter seems to be able to produce and seriously, Frank, no more of this Kubrick auteur nonsense, we need another movie out of you before the next decade.



  1. I recently reviewed this over at the Cavalcade - and I freakin' loved it! It did take Jen and Batz nearly the whole movie to hook up, but it was a fun ride nonetheless. But what was with that terrible rap theme song?

  2. I was pleased overall. I think I just expected there to be more one on one interaction between Jennifer and Batz (take that however you will). The soundtrack was indeed pretty awful and I would guess done by one of the bit players seeing as the cast list was full of DJs and aspiring rappers.