Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Bloody Valentine 3-D (2009)

I really never expected to view this one again after catching its theatrical run last year. The 3-D was effectively done and used to the best of its limited potential, but I took little away from the film other than that. To be fair, I was pretty well blitzed by the time we got there so not exactly in the best state for any serious critiquing. Anyway, a friend suggested I give it a second (more sober) shot.

I still wasn't impressed. Actually started drinking about halfway through so the sober thing didn't really pan out either. For the record, 'Have a whiskey every time Tom Atkins steals a scene' is not a recommended party activity as we all know, he is incapable of not doing so. Especially when his competition is made up mainly of people whose CW show got canceled. So MBV scores a few points there for just casting the magnificent bastard. Surprisingly, the 3-D held up fairly well in the conversion to DVD, even in using the considerably more fashionable red and green lenses.

Not much else to say here. Is it weird I was more attracted to the midget innkeeper than the naked blonde running all over the place? Probably a discussion for another time.



  1. I caught this one at the cinema with a buddy of mine. We both came to the conclusion that the 3D is what truly made this films atmosphere. As with most remakes/retellings they rarely keep up with their original counter parts but I didn't find this one entirely disappointing.
    Good review and nice Atkins drinking game.

  2. It has been suggested we do the same thing with Night of the Creeps, but Im not sure I would wake up from that one.