Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

W-O-W. I did not see this coming. A truly gripping, complex outing that improves upon the original Nightmare in every way. Genuine scares that for once in modern horror do not feel contrived, but with subtle nuances that both pay tribute to the series, as well as, open up a refreshing new chapter that can be built upon to ultimately surpass the last.

No, I'm just fucking with you. It was...not completely awful. As usual with films of this particular ilk, I would have preferred a sequel to starting over, but then, I am not exactly the target demographic. One thing I do want to note, if you are going to "re-imagine" a basic storyline, then do not include watered down versions of every classic scene from the source material. Create your own...or at least try.



  1. Nice and to the point, sir! I agree with the repetition of scenes... just pure laziness. Funny set-up in the beginning by the way!

  2. Much obliged. Yeah, this was not one I was willing to expound much on. Besides, I have kind of burnt myself out on Freddy these past few weeks.