Monday, April 12, 2010

Fred Krueger: A Wronged Man?

NOES 2010 Trailer

There is something that has struck me in one of the trailers airing endlessly these days for the soon to be released 'Nightmare' remake. During the scenes that are clearly spelling out the origin of Freddy, we see Fred Krueger being chased and trapped within an abandoned factory building. He slams the door behind him and in a rather whiny tone, wails "What do you think I did? I didn't do anything!" Am I the only one that gets the impression from this that Krueger is not going to be portrayed as pure unadulterated evil from the start and may even go so far as to question whether he committed the heinous crimes against children while in his human form?

Frankly, I am not sure if this intrigues me more or not. The idea that Freddy could have even a mild level of justification in wiping out the younger generation of Springwood certainly could add some depth to the story (and seeing as much of the rest of the previews look to be little more than re-shot highlights from the original) this might be all we get in terms of an original vision. And yes, I see the irony is using the phrase "original vision" when discussing yet another unnecessary remake. As it stands, I have always rooted for the bad guys anyway so maybe it won't come off as abhorrent this time around if Freddy was indeed innocent...

(And on a mostly unrelated note, it can't possibly be any worse than everyone's favorite oversized, retarded man-child suddenly disposing of evidence and keeping hostages as was seen in last year's atrocity that was Friday the 13th. Nevermind the fact that Jason's cognitive reasoning skills were always more akin to a dog turning their head to and fro in a feeble attempt to understand something well past their means than any kind of rational thinking human being. Alright, count to ten...)


  1. I made an April Fools Joke about Freddy being innocent but I'm also getting the feeling its true. Sigh. HE MOLESTS AND KILLS KIDS!!! That's why he's so f*cked up..he's like the Catholic priests of slashers.

  2. Yeah, the more I think about it, any kind of moral ambiguity with Freddy or the townsfolk will likely take any from the base story. I wouldn't go so far as to say Nancy or any of her friends are necessarily representative of absolute good, but Freddy should be unquestionably evil. At least it looks like he isn't going to be pulling his bad 80s stand up routines that made the later entries rather silly...